Assembly Solutions


  • Our employees are educated on the beliefs and values of Lou-Rich through message boards and informative classes.
  • By teaching and informing our employees the history of Lou-Rich it encourages positive attitudes and gives our employees the knowledge to take pride in being a part of the Lou-Rich team.
  • With the use of team building classes, team work and positive attitudes are easier to sustain.
  • Our assemblers are properly trained, enabling them to build quality product with confidence.
  • As employee owners our workers take pride and ownership on the task at hand.
  • Incentives are put in place to encourage and acknowledge an extra effort.


RMA Program (rewards employees that meet quality objectives)

  • Employee of the month
  • Profit sharing
  • Near miss program (promotes a safe work environment)

5S Work Stations Designed for Product Flow

  • As a team we design each work cell to have the capability to produce high efficiency.
  • All of the assemblers have had some Lean training and are encouraged to give valuable input when designing work cells.
  • Work stations are designed to be ergonomically correct to minimize wasted movement and are monitored daily for continuous improvement.
  • Our assembly work cells are designed to maximize product flow and efficiency.

Pneumatic Tools for Torquing

  • We buy and use new tools that help us stay on the forefront of technology, which helps us gain efficiency and precision in our assembly processes.
  • All of our tools that are used for torquing are on a preventive maintenance schedule.
  • All of our assemblers are trained on how to use these tools to produce product that meets print requirements.
  • We use calibrated tools to meet our customers print requirements.

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