Engineering Blueprints

Complex Manufacturing

We feel our engineering team has the skill, knowledge, and commitment it takes to make sure your experience in working with us will bring you back again. Our service training gives our employees the edge in solving every problem imaginable, before you even see it.


LR started as a Tool & Die shop so we have a lot of history and experienced people involved. Designers and builders can interact directly with the equipment and operators that will be using the equipment. Complete control over tool design changes and current build status, combined with our experience with designs, reduce time & cost involved for changes, repairs or replacements if and when they are needed.

Lou-Rich Complex Manufacturing Process

EC Process

  • Contained within our ERP System
  • Ensures products are produced to the current revision
  • Minimizes the effect of "on the fly" design changes

CBOMS, Cost Analysis & Quoting

  • Excel based template with overhead, labor and machine cost/hr. built in. Analyses of report data from completed jobs in our EPR system.
  • Assists engineers in providing accurate, clear & consistent quotes.
  • Identify "cost drivers" including operations, equipment/work centers and materials. Also ensures that all costs are appropriately captured in the quote.
  • More customers are starting to ask for transparent costing/pricing so they can see all the cost drivers in a CBOM format.

DFM (Design for Manufacturability)

  • Review drawings, specs, tolerances, part function, etc. to make the product easier and faster to manufacture utilizing past experience in contract manufacturing
  • Cost reduction, reduced lead times, material utilization

Cost Savings

  • Through process improvements, material utilization improvements, design change suggestions, etc.
  • Increase our profit margins and our customers’ profit margins and/or improve market price point

Process Mapping & Process Development

  • Flow charts, spaghetti diagrams, cell layouts, exploration of latest tech., work instructions
  • Illustrate and understand how process steps should be pre-formed and in what order steps or processes should be completed to maximize efficiency, minimize waste, assist in process/equipment/cell layouts. These things help improve the processes, reduce errors/waste, minimize costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Tool/Fixture Design & Build

  • In house design & build of tools and fixtures using a very seasoned and experienced team

3D Printing Capabilities to Support Design and Production

  • Stratasys Fortus 250mc FDM printer
    • Material – ABSplus-P430
      • Durable, repeatable, accurate and usable parts
  • Soluble support material allows us to print complex functional geometries
  • Build envelope – 10” x 10” x 12”
    • Larger parts can be printed in multiple pieces and fused together
  • Resolution – 0.007” to 0.013”
  • Powerful software and a well-trained support group
    • Part optimization for surface finish, strength, weight, embedded components, etc.