Top Arm of Sheet Metal Fabrication Robot

Fabrication & Welding

Lasers (2) 2500 and (1) 6000 watt Fiber Optic

Tube Laser 4000 Watt

  • With our automation on our 3D laser we can cut a wide variety of shapes: Square and round Tubing, angle iron, channel, and variety of other shapes up to 24 feet long and up to 5/8 thick. This with the automated load and unload provides a service that is unbeatable to our customers

Metal Forming

  • Experience, tooling, and equipment are the keys to producing the quality product that comes out of the doors of LR. These products often lead to the success of our internal and external customers. Our experience and technology offers a consistent and quality product.

Brake Press – (1) 90 and (2) 175 Ton

  • Our precession quick change tooling coupled with FIVE axis back gaging, auto crown, large part size, and CNC controls makes our processes state of the art.

Mechanical Press

  • 60 ton to 300 ton presses and a variety of bed sizes coupled with the ability to manufacture our own tooling, LR can take a product from concept to complete production.
  • This process is what separates us from competitors and makes LR your service leader.


Manual MIG Welders

  • Staffed with variety of machines from 175 Constant Voltage amps through 450 amp multi-purpose pulse welders; our wire feed welding capabilities have ranged from carbon to stainless steel as well as aluminum.

TIG Welders (4)

  • Amperage controlled remote start machines, with DC and AC polarity allow us the versatility of constant puddle control. Our machine capabilities give us the opportunity to process carbon, stainless, aluminum.

Robotic Welders (4) - Gantry, Turntable and side by side

  • 450 amp power supplies provide the weld interfaces on all four of these machines. With tool lengths ranging from 59” to 18 ft. with a max swing diameter of 60” we cover a large range of possibilities of presentable quick change fixtures and permanent fixturing. Capable of touch sensing and seam tracking allows high repeatability of weld placement and bead control.

Spot Welding