Painting and finishing

Painting & Finishing

Lou Rich’s paint line employees are dedicated to producing parts that not only meet our customers' expectations but also help them to realize the potential of where they would like their product to be in the future. Our personal investment in the innovative paint system we use is also an investment in the future success of our customers' painted products. With knowledge gained from our past we look forward to a bright future as a leader in the paint and powder industry.


Powder and Liquid Paint Capable with 8 stage wash system-gloss or texture

  • At Lou Rich we utilize a state of the art paint line. It has an eight stage washer that is capable of removing laser scale before pretreating the part with environmentally friendly solutions that ensure the best paint adhesion possible. We have three application booths that are used to apply both liquid and powder paints to a wide variety of parts of varying sizes and weights. Our finishing department helps ensure a quality product through careful preparation of parts before they are delivered to the paint line.
  • Our booth configuration allows us to provide our customers with multiple finish options ranging from glossy to texture with the capability of applying primer under both our liquid and powder topcoats. We are also capable of applying paint to many substrates including sheet metal, castings, aluminum and plastic among others. Our focus at Lou Rich is to be an affordable option for our customers to receive a quality product delivered to them when they need it the most. We do all we can in the Paint department to ensure that this happens by staying as current as possible on the latest innovations in the liquid paint and powder industries. We also utilize a strict adherence to our internal quality checks and keep a catalog of test panels from years of production to help ensure a quality product going into the future.


State-of-the-art Industrial Deburring, Parts Washing, Metal Finishing and Additive Manufacturing Post Process Equipment

Capabilities include:

  • Deburring, Polishing, Edgebreak/Radius Generation, Parts Washing/Drying, Rust Prevention, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Blasting Steel Shot/Glass Bead, Urethane Molding, UL approved Electrical Panel
  • 8,000 sq. ft. Process Development and Research Laboratory
  • 336 sq. ft. ISO Class 8 Cleanroom
  • Hirox Digital Microscope with up to 3200x magnification
  • Free sample part processing offer