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Precision Extrusions

In today’s world you need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition with innovative solutions, that’s where we come in! Here at Exact, a subsidiary of Lou-Rich, we are a leading provider of Aluminum Ultra Precision Extrusions and manufacturing solutions. In working with our team you will quickly notice our customer centric approach and how we can give your company the competitive advantage it needs to outperform the competition!


This unique process has proven to be a highly effective alternative for the production of precision aluminum components. Our high-quality micro extrusions are able to deliver extremely thin wall designs with consistent dimensions, as well as tolerances and surface finishes that were once thought to be impossible!

These Unique Micro Extrusions Are Used in a Variety of Industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment
  • Military
  • Heatsinks
  • Engineered Products
  • Medical Equipment and Devices
  • And many more!

Aluminum Ultra Precision Extrusions

  • Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities
    • Up to 0.750 square inch of the parts total cross sectional area
    • Cross section of the part must fit within a 3.00" circle
    • Minimum wall thickness of 0.010 inches
    • Standard tolerance of ±0.003 inches
    • Key characteristic tolerances of ±0.001 inches
    • Surface finish of 32 RMs or better
    • 6061 and 6063 aluminum materials
    • Material aging to T6 condition
  • Quality Custom Extrusion Designs
  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing
    • Meeting tighter dimensional and tolerance requirements than generally seen with costly conventional process
    • Fast turn-around reducing time to market
  • Total Project Management
    • Single source for technical expertise, design, engineering and quality control